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The Samson Competency system is a Supply Chain and Vendor Assessment system offered to all sectors involved in Property including Development, Construction Maintenance and Facilities Management.

Samson simplifies and streamlines the Competency assessment process and for Constructors, manages both Pre-Qualification and on-site Projects Health & Safety Competency processes complaint with BSI PAS91:2013 requirements.

Fully audit-able, it allows Contractors to register and complete both Competency applications on line, be assessed by an End Users representative and then be added to End Users databases as a Competent Contractor.

Environmental and sustainability agendas are supported as process is completed online so removing the needless generation of large amounts of paper by both Contractors and End Users.

Contractors are provided with their own secure area where they can access their applications and all the associated documentation meaning that a latest copy of their Competency documentation is always available to download and issue to other End Users easily and without fuss.

Provided with full competency templates which are fully editable, Samson contains a full administration area where End Users can add/edit/delete the questions, their order, doc association etc to ensure alignment with a their own current best Practice. Samson remains fully under your control with the tools to add users, assessors, rights and privileges.

For Constructors, not only is the Pre-Qualification process managed, but Upon appointment to a project, a Contractor can then complete the project specific Projects Competency process saving on time and removing the need for the generation of paper copy.

Projects are controlled by the Project Teams who can select contractors from the pre-qualified approved list and automatically invite them to their project.

Part of a Peer Group offer, Contractors are able to make a PQQ application to other buyers through password access so saving further time and their details are available to any 3rd parties who may wish to find pre-qualified contractors working within a certain discipline or geographical area.

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